It was..

Alarm was ringing. I grab my lappy immediately. I click a folder on my desktop and I set my eyes to something for a long time. I clicked google chroome and browse the web with 'M'.. myspace. I took a look at your profile,  your photo, older status and your sweet comment to me. Its start my memory remains. Its been so long, I try so hard to let you go and wanna feels alive again.

And I promised to myself, I need just a day to remember about us. Today is the day. 
19th October 2009. Yess, that was 2years ago. Remembering the night that I hope would never end. I still remember the first time we were a couple. How fast the time flies. From the first time I met ya, I edi like you. That memory makes me smile, partly erase the pain. And I cant believe that I had you that night, but that night already ended. I hope I'll never erase that memory from my mind. 

I learned many things from you; patient, controlled my ego and anger, learn to smile, to appreciate every moment and handling myself from be in the doldrums. I know thats my bad and I don't wanna feel it anymore. I just, can't! Thank God, you're still alive. Eventho I can't see you today, your smile but I know you're with someone else now. I'll be okay if you forget about our past. Just live your life.

All this while, I just have no idea on how to tell you. Maybe it just regret and.. For elapsed time, I am done. I Miss You 
-Your past, SitiNurFaizah 

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